Beechcraft 99

The Beechcraft 99 is a derivative of the series of success of the Queen Air / King Air, and tells the King Air and the arrangement of the base engine, but is also a new design, with a greatly expanded cabin with greater capacity.

Design began in the 99 in the late 1960s, partly as a replacement for the venerable Beech 18 found. In December 1965, a lengthened fuselage of the Queen Air was raised for the first time, while Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-powered model 99 prototype made its maiden flight in July 1966. The aircraft was the first customer in May 1968, the series then known as commuters 99 delivered. When the Beech 99 was the largest aircraft and beech was still optimistic production forecast of 100 per year.


Subsequent models were the A99, A99A and B99, with different engines, models of parts and weight. The B99 is available in two versions, the B99 and B99 of Executive Airlines, version Transportation to accommodate eight to 17 passengers.

Production of the first models was discontinued in 1975, and this not until 1979 that improved C99 Suburban was announced (in addition to the large 1900, described separately) in the back on the market Beech aircraft suburbs. B99 converted with a P & WC PT6A34 C99 served as a prototype and flew in this form for the first time June 20, 1980.

Aircraft engines of production and deliveries Featured PT6A36 resumed after the certification, both in July 1981. Shortly thereafter, became known as the C99 Airliner.C99 production ceased in 1986. Buy Flight Simulator

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