Beechcraft Starship

The development of the Starship in 1979, when Beech decided to wear designs for a successor to the line of King Air turboprop aircraft that fly faster and design more passengers.The by Beechcraft was formed in January 1980 would explored as a 330th August 25, 1982 The preliminary contract with Scaled Composites beech to refine the design and construction of a 85% change in scale aircraft.One important proof of concept for the project was the Scaled Composites addition of variable geometry, the duck.
The plane first flew in August 1983.This CEP had no air pressurization system, avionics not certified, and a different cell design and material specifications as the 2000 model scheduled for production. Only a POC was built and has since discarded.
Prototypes have been produced, and the development work was needed of the system through the use of composite materials, since the tools are very expensive and must be for productive purposes by the construction begins. Beech has constructed three full-scale flyable prototype. NC-1 was used for aerodynamic testing and was the Starship with conventional electro-mechanical avionics.NC-2 was equipped for avionics and test systems used and NF-3 was used for the system Flight Management and testing.NC -1 engines flew for the first time February 15, 1986.
The program has been postponed several times, first due to underestimating the complexity involved in the development and later to overcome technical difficulties in the stall warning system. By the end of development, the Starship was grown in the cabin volume than the King Air 350 with the same ramp gross weight of 6808 kg. Starship development cost is $ 300 million. Production Starship its first flight April 25, 1989. Buy Flight Simulator

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