Bleriot XI

Designed by Louis Bleriot and Raymond Saulnier built the Bleriot XI monoplane made of a light and elegant oak and poplar. The flight surfaces were covered with a cloth. XI The original was designed and built in 1908 and made his first public appearance in a Paris Airshow in December this year. The plan of the original configuration consisted of an engine running REP four metal blade propeller type, which proved to be unsatisfactory.

Bleriot XI monoplane was the culmination of five years of hard work by Louis Bleriot. He personally flew this aircraft on July 25, 1909 classic, crossing the Channel in just 36 minutes. The military implications of his flight was immediately clear that England was no longer an island.

By the time he landed Bleriot became the most famous man in Europe, and a flood of orders came from copies of the Bleriot XI frail, with its distinctive rear fuselage discovered. For the French, he was very pleased with the creation of a monoplane, which seemed much better than the Wright bigplane.

The Bleriot XI was just as successful when it was stolen by another pilot, and he looked to be rare in Europe just does not have a Bleriot XI winning the plane. In 1913, Louis Bleriot had plants, as many as 800 examples of Bleriot XI, an amazing production run at the moment, especially for an aircraft delivered about U.S. $ 5000 U.S. dollars. Bleriot school turned out many pilots and of course used Bleriot coach.

But the very success of the Bleriot XI, written for his trouble. This aircraft was used for conventional maneuvers bolder, including Adolphe Pégoud loops. The mad desire for speed has led to the installation of more powerful engines.

Soon there was a series of accidents, some of the most famous aviators in France. Leon Delagrange, Hubert Leblon, and George Chavez, all known and successful drivers were killed when their XIS Bleriot has mysteriously in the air. Other accidents encouraged the French and later the Air Force to consider a British monoplane to be inherently dangerous.

Has been included – Louis Bleriot tried to solve the problem with a much stronger structure, but it would be years before the true nature of the problem – the speeds and maneuvers for which the Bleriot XI was unsuitable. Pilot error, then there is nothing new. Buy Flight Simulator


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