Bugatti 100P

Purpose of the association is the Bugatti 100P in 1937, the development of this highly advanced jet was launched. It was under contract with the French Air Force service, Ettore Bugatti, the Belgian Louis de Monge was hired as chief engineer. The first version of the device was designed as an aircraft speed record, is a military version will follow later.

Ettore Bugatti course through his race-in-sports cars of the year between the two world wars known, but he was interested in many other technical devices. During World War II aircraft engines were designed and built, while in the thirties from the Bugatti “wagon” was the factor that the work of the Bugatti factory in Molsheim made. The train reached 195 kmh light, and with it the world record for a long time.

Louis de Monge built his first aircraft before the First World War, during World War II, he designed and modern propellers, manufactured under the name of the export Light. After World War II, many drawings, often technically sophisticated, have been made, none of which was a commercial success.

Tragically, the Bugatti 100P aircraft never flew, the Germans marched into Paris before it is completed at 100%. The plane amazingly survived the war, which still exists. The aircraft is now in the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, USA. Both engines are and were constructed in the Bugatti racing cars. Buy Flight Simulator

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