Cessna 182 Skylane

The Cessna 182 Skylane is an American four-seat, single engine, light aircraft, the Cessna in Wichita, Kansas built. He can add two child seats installed in the baggage claim.

Introduced in 1956 to 182 in a number of variants, including a version was produced with the retractable landing gear, and is the second most popular model Cessna, according to the 172nd

The Cessna 182 was in 1956 as a tricycle gear variant introduced the 180th in 1957, the 182A variant was introduced with the name Skylane. As production continued, and later models were improved with regular features like a wider fuselage, with wings swept back “Omni-Vision” window, enlarged luggage compartment, plus the gross weight, changes in suspension, etc. The “reboot” aircraft built after 1996 in many other details were also a different engine, the design of new seats, etc. various

Cessna calls for the resumption of the 1990 production of general aviation aircraft, like this model because of the change in the law the responsibility of the United States. In 2005, Cessna began with the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit as an optional upgrade to the Skylane. Then, the glass cockpit as standard equipment.

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