Rockwell B-1B Lancer

The variable geometry of Rockwell B-1B Lancer bomber was designed as a successor to the former B-52.The B-1A was canceled because the high-flying bombers were obsolete, and partly for political reasons. The Rockwell B-1B Lancer version, more low-level attacks, and stealth-optimized, is now produced in small quantities. The B1 was found to be high maintenance. Everything related to the swing-wing is a pain, hydrotherapy / rotate fuel / air actuators, flaps, spoilers and trim.
Electronic jamming equipment, B-1B, cons-infrared measurements, the location of the radar and warning systems complement its low radar cross section and form an integrated defense system of the aircraft.

The variable geometry design and turbofan engines not only a greater range and high speed to low, but they also improve the survivability of the bombers. Wing sweep at the full-forward position allows a short takeoff roll and a fast attack base-escape profile for airfields. Once airborne, the wings are positioned for maximum cruise speed or distance high-speed penetration.

The B-1B uses radar and inertial navigation systems enable teams to sail around the world, to update the mission profiles and target coordinates in flight, and precision bomb without the need for aid ground-based navigation. Included in the B-1B offensive electronics modular avionics, maintenance personnel, to determine precisely is to allow technical difficulties and replace avionics components in a timely and efficient manner on the floor.

The aircraft AN / ALQ 161A defensive avionics is a comprehensive program against ECM package recognizes and counters enemy radar threats. It also has the ability to recognize and attack from behind against the missiles. It defends the aircraft by applying the appropriate countermeasures, such as electronic jamming or dispensing expendable chaff and flares. Like avionics offensive, defensive suite has a re-programmable design that can be performed in-flight changes in order to be able to meet new or changing threats. Buy Flight Simulator

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